Large North Raleigh Tree Removal Project With Crane

We completed another big job recently where we took down around 55 trees from a home in North Raleigh. We got the job done in one day, using a crane in the driveway and the backyard. The crane provided much better access than we would have had otherwise.

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Recent Storms Prompt Several Emergency Tree Removals

With the recent, sudden storms in our area, we had several calls come in from homeowners that were in emergency situations. The storms hit both Durham and Raleigh and brought heavy wind and rain, causing some big trees to come down, unexpectedly.  In cases of extreme weather conditions, we are always very attentive to the incoming calls and emails. We give quick response and prioritize storm recovery cases because we know the urgency of getting a downed tree off of your house so you can assess the damage and begin the repair process. Continue reading “Recent Storms Prompt Several Emergency Tree Removals”

Large Tree Removal Project in Youngsville

This was one of our larger tree removal projects that took two days to complete in Youngsville, NC.  We removed all the trees in the front of the property, all the trees on the right side of entrance, and all the trees in the back of the house. Some of the trees were removed using a crane, but most of them were removed manually.

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Leaning Tree Removal in North Raleigh

These clients were very concerned about a leaning oak tree on their property. Their concerns were absolutely valid, a leaning tree is a clear sign that tree could absolutely come down in the next strong storm, if not before. We also removed another large oak tree and a maple tree. We used a crane to safely and quickly remove these trees.

Contact us if you have a leaning tree and we can discuss removing it for you.

Fast Response When You Need It

We pride ourselves on our responsiveness because we know having a damaged or downed tree on your property can be stressful. These homeowners contacted us, we checked out the project, provided a quote and started on the job the next day! This large tree had split in half, right near the back of the house. One half of the tree was on the ground and the other half was still standing, which poses a threat, as well.  In addition we removed a pine tree along the property line with the neighbor’s house.

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Small Tree Removal Job in Northeast Raleigh

Whether the project is small, like this one, or a large tree removal job requiring a crane, we always get the job done as safely as possible. We focus on protecting your property from any damage. For these homeowners, we removed a single tree from the corner of the house.  In cases like this, we can get the job done manually, using one of our trained climbers, as opposed to using big machinery and equipment.

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