Bucket Truck Service

Boom and Bucket Truck Services

Our boom and bucket truck services provide homes and businesses with tasks that are otherwise out of reach. We commonly use our booms and bucket trucks for tree services like tree trimming and tree removal, but are happy to expand our services into other non-tree related tasks that would not necessarily be expected of a tree service company. Our boom truck is most often used to safely remove trees from even the tightest of places by lifting the tree and carrying it to safety. It greatly reduces the risk to your property when tree removal is in a tight space. Bucket trucks, commonly referred to as “cherry pickers”, provide us with the ability to get much higher up than we would be able to with even the largest ladder possible. Difficult tasks are easily accomplished by our licensed & insured bucket truck professionals.

Residential Bucket Truck Services Include, but are not limited to:

  • tree trimming or removal
  • hanging Christmas lights or other seasonal decorations
  • hanging signs or banners
  • changing floodlights or motion-activated lights

Commercial & Municipal Bucket Truck Services Include, but are not limited to:

  • tree removal or trimming
  • changing lights in a stadium or arena
  • removing graffiti from bridges or other large structures
  • hanging seasonal lights, wreaths, or other holiday decor
  • changing light bulbs in parking poles
  • hanging signs or banners

Boom and Bucket Truck Services

The possibilities are endless for projects we can use our bucket truck service to complete. Contact North Raleigh Tree Service if you need a project at a substantial height completed.