Tree Removal Using A Crane In North Raleigh

This tree removal project included taking down quite a number of trees for a family in North Raleigh. We took down seven trees from the side of the house and three more in the back of the house. In order to safely execute the project, we brought in a crane, which allows us to reach the tallest trees and ones that are close to the house.  Once the trees were carefully placed on the ground, our crew began the process of cutting them into smaller pieces and we chipped them right on the spot.

If you have trees on your property that you would like to remove, contact us and we will be happy to meet with you to discuss your project!

Tree Removal After Heavy Rain and Wind Storm

Spring storms can bring heavy wind and rain that damage trees and can even bring down some of the largest trees. That is exactly what happened to these homeowners after a recent storm. They had a large white oak tree fall on top of the bonus room and around the garage area of their house.

After they reached out, our estimator went out early in the morning to assess the situation. The next day we were able to make space in our schedule to get this job done. There was no major damage to the house but we wanted to act as quickly as possible, as usual, so any repairs to the house could be started. We used a crane to safely and efficiently remove the tree. We also placed a tarp over the area of the roof that was damaged.

If you find yourself in a similar situation, with a downed tree after a big storm, contact us for storm recovery services.

No Tree is Too Big For Our Team!

At North Raleigh Tree Service, no job is too big or small. A recent project demonstrated that the number and size of the trees are not an issue for our team. In total, we removed 11 trees of varying sizes including the mature pine tree shown in the images below from this property in North Raleigh.

If you need trees removed from your home or business, don’t worry about the number of trees or their size! Contact us today for a free estimate.

Downtown Raleigh Spring Tree Timming

Spring is right around the corner and it may be time to give your trees a trim.

Homeowners and businesses should consider trimming trees periodically to remove diseased and dead limbs, open the canopy to allow more light to reach the ground, remove limbs that may be encroaching on structures or to just beautify their property.

We recently completed a project for a downtown Raleigh property owner, trimming 9 trees in total using our bucket truck. This allows us to safely reach the limbs that need to be removed while minimizing the impact to the property. If you have trees you need trimmed, please call us at (919) 808-2467 for an estimate.

Leaning Tree Removal in Raleigh

It is very important to be aware of the trees that grow on your property and take preventative measures to remove trees that may pose a threat to a property or a property line.   For instance, a leaning tree in Raleigh can pose a danger to property as they can more easily topple over in a storm. We recently removed a tree that had been growing very close and leaning precariously toward a townhome. Continue reading “Leaning Tree Removal in Raleigh”

Expert Tree Removal in Raleigh

We were recently contacted to remove a pine tree in the Glenwood Avenue area of Raleigh. This job was unique in that the pine tree was dramatically leaning over power lines. When a tree needs to be removed from your property, it is always important that you contact a professional tree removal company in Raleigh. In this case, it is a good thing they called us! We used our crane to carefully lift the tree above the power lines and gently float it down away from any power lines. Continue reading “Expert Tree Removal in Raleigh”

Prepare Before Disaster Strikes

Hurricane Ian made landfall in Florida several months ago. Although most of us likely don’t remember the remnants sweeping through Raleigh, several of our clients will never forget!  It is important to have the trees on your property assessed regularly. Hurricanes are not the only thing causing trees to fall on homes in our area. Large amounts of rain, ice storms, and wind storms cause havoc year-round. Disaster can strike at any time, but as a homeowner, there is quite a bit you can do to deter the likelihood of a tree falling on your home. Continue reading “Prepare Before Disaster Strikes”