Recent Storms Prompt Several Emergency Tree Removals

With the recent, sudden storms in our area, we had several calls come in from homeowners that were in emergency situations. The storms hit both Durham and Raleigh and brought heavy wind and rain, causing some big trees to come down, unexpectedly.  In cases of extreme weather conditions, we are always very attentive to the incoming calls and emails. We give quick response and prioritize storm recovery cases because we know the urgency of getting a downed tree off of your house so you can assess the damage and begin the repair process.

These homeowners had a very large oak tree fall on their house. We used a crane to lift the tree off the house. Part of the tree had fallen on the neighbor’s car and there were concerns about the nearby power lines. After we safely removed the tree, we placed a tarp over the damaged roof to cover the opening and to prevent water damage.

In this situation, these homeowners also had a large oak tree that uprooted during the storm and fell on their roof! We used a crane to remove the tree and placed a tarp over the damaged until the repair can be completed.
 If mother nature strikes, contact us and we will be in touch very quickly!