Emergency Tree Removal Raleigh

IMG_0759We were called for an emergency tree removal job earlier this week. There was a large oak that was leaning heavily and had a split about 20 feet up the trunk due to the fact that it was hollow. At risk were power lines, a fence, pedestrians and road traffic.

While assessing the situation, we actually heard small splits occurring in the tree making a fall imminent. We pushed our afternoon job aside to accommodate this emergency and arranged for a boom truck. Typically, a climber is inserted into the tree and the boom truck ties off to limbs and sections to lower them safely.  In this case, since it was too dangerous to insert a climber, we improvised and did the opposite. The boom truck was used to suspend the climber who made the cuts and let the limbs and sections fall to the ground. This was a great case in adaptability and assessing how to attack an atypical situation.

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